Los Angeles Police Department Cadet Youth Program

The Cadet Program is designed to offer youth an opportunity to develop skills that will help them throughout their lives, while working with one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the country. The Program is offered at each of the 21 community police stations across the city, as well as two specialized divisions – Metropolitan Division and Communications Division.

Cadets are as diverse as the city they represent. Each of them comes from different backgrounds and have different goals and paths that they are following to get there. However, what remains the same in all the Cadets is their desire to achieve excellence within their own lives and to then leverage those achievements to positively impact the community where they live.


LAPD Cadets

The purpose of the LAPD Cadets is to instill discipline, leadership, academic excellence and life skills in youth. It seeks to empower participants to maximize their personal, scholastic and life potential.

4 Principles:

  • To recruit young men and women who are interested in building positive relationships between police and the youth of our communities
  • To provide a forum in which young people can provide community service while working with law enforcement
  • To provide character training, public speaking and academic instruction that prepares young people for their future
  • To offer physical training tha twill result in improved physical fitness to all who participate


For information on Devonshire Divisions Cadet Post 660 please contact:

Officer Jeff Johnson at 818-720-2289 or at

Jr Cadets

The Jr Cadet program is similar to cadets but is geared toward younger participants age 8-12. The Jr cadets program allows children to participate in activities that instill a sense of community pride, self discipline and leadership in a positive environment. The program offers mentorship from the Devonshire Cadets and Cadet Officers.

For information on LAPD Devonshire Divisions Jr. Cadets:

Officer Jeff Johnson at 818-720-2289 or at